The Body Scan

The body scan is another meditation that can help you deal with panic, anxiety, or fear by
first sensing or feeling into the body with mindfulness. By practicing the body scan
you’ll learn to bring your attention directly into your body, part by part, to feel and
acknowledge whatever’s present—physically, emotionally, and mentally.
As you scan your body you may discover physical tension or pain, as well as strong
emotions of panic, sadness, or anger. The practice is to be mindful and nonjudgmental
and to acknowledge whatever you’re feeling. If you have sensations of tightness, see
whether you can allow them to soften, and if you’re unable to do so, then let them be—
let the waves of sensations ripple or resonate wherever they need to go. Just as the sky
gives room for a storm, make space for what you’re feeling physically or mentally. By
acknowledging your body, emotions, and thoughts rather than suppressing, denying, or
repressing them, you’ll become less burdened by them.


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